Christmas on The Lane

Let me just tell you about 'The Lane'. The Lane is where we live. As in, ______ Lane. We're a very social community, and the Stallion surely thinks we struck real estate gold by landing ourselves on this street with such phenomenal, like-minded neighbors.

During the summers, Thursday night is Washers night on The Lane. Do you know what washers is? Washers is a yard game. Tailgate game. Entertainment while you sit around and drink game.

Or it can be the catalyst for an entire block party, as was the case on The Lane this September. It was a washers' tournament, day drinking, rent a smoker and eat a fabulous dinner event. It was like magic to our ears when our invite read, 'We'll be starting at 9am, cocktail in-hand.' It was back during the college football season. We set up a TV outside. New moms came, baby monitors in-tow (extremely important to get one with good range if you live on The Lane).

The Stallion and I had a great time. And when it was finally time to eat, there were the best smoked ribs I have ever eaten in my life. They were AMAZING. We ate way too many. And around 8:00 we both had horrible stomach aches. We were hulled up in our house by 9. And then we woke up to this.

All the neighborhood kids were playing in our yard like it was the best jungle gym they'd ever been to. And thus we were officially initiated to 'The Lane'.

We got our first snow last week. I was so excited because I love the way snow makes everything look. I love how much light it reflects into your house. I love the way it quiets everything and causes people to stay home, spending time with their loved ones, doing fun things you wouldn't normally do just to fend off the cabin fever.

I wanted to get some pictures of the house because it was all decorated for Christmas, and snow makes everything look better!

And then Jade & Cooper decided to have Wrestling Throwdown 2009 right in front of the camera. They were just itty bitty adorable rolly poly puppies when there was snow last year, so they thought it was the best thing they'd ever seen this year! They couldn't get enough.

This one's just such a great capture. Jade looks a little scary, but don't worry - she's just victim of unfortunate timing. Totally her fault, though.

Finally got a good one. Merry Christmas!

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