Cooper & 'The Rope'

Oh my, Cooper is so adorable in this picture. Just an itty bitty rolly polly puppy fresh home from being weaned from his mother. Little did we know Cooper and this rope would have such a bonding experience.

About 6 months later, Cooper ingested a portion of this rope and it knotted itself up in his stomach and then became embedded in his intestine. Nothing was going through. He didn't eat or drink for 4 days - a completely nerve-wracking 4 days. Finally we (along with our fantastic vet Dr. Mary Mountain) figured out there was something in there that needed to come out. So Cooper's belly was opened up and out came a knot of rope with a tail 6-8 inches long. Poor baby. Stupid dog!

He was antsy after he got home from the hospital (and Jade had missed him a lot - a totally different dog while he was gone) so we decided to take him to his favorite park. He was riding in the car with his cone head hanging out when he suddenly jumped out of the window. Poor baby just couldn't wait to get there! Luckily we were going less than 10 mph.

Both dogs now have health insurance. And they are proving its worth.* Unfortunately.

*We have since experienced a car accident, ear infection, and an alarmingly shrinking head.

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