R Bar Birthday Celebration

R Bar opened this fall in the developing West Bottoms warehouse district. We went for happy hour on a Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was packed! The decor and overall feel was old western chic - very unique.

One thing I will say is that the crowd at this place was a bit older than ours. I wonder what it is that made it catch on with Gen X and the baby boomers far before Gen Y.

New York Magazine featured R Bar in a travel article about a Kansas City weekend getaway as a great place to eat. We didn't get a chance to sample the menu, which was tragic. We'll have to go back sometime for dinner. Here's a smattering of their menu:

They're all about the 'R' at R Bar. This one is featured on the wall above the dining area.

I went to the bathroom and some cool people had fun with my camera.

This is my gorgeous friend Shali. She's the birthday girl's sister and organized this little soiree. She went back to R Bar for a girls dinner over the holidays - wonder how the food stacked up!

After a while we left R Bar - it's a long and narrow venue with a long and narrow bar with a long and narrow pathway for the servers. Not very conducive to a big group. We headed to the Crossroads Art District and hulled up at the Cashew.

All I got there was a picture of the artwork in the room we were in.

And I made the Stallion pose for about 48 self-portraits with me. Here's one I like:

I went ahead and photoshopped in my ring since the Stallion bought it that day, but had not yet given it to me. And this picture features it SO WELL.

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  1. The photoshop ring made me laugh in my cube... don't be so funny while I'm work!


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