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The Stallion and I love, love, LOVE Friends Sushi. Great sushi, low prices. It's not a swanky place - you're paying just for the fabulous food, not the ambiance. It's in a great little nook of town at 39th Street & State Line Road. Sushi is one of those foods that I grew to love. My brother took to it long before he turned 10, but it took me until after 20 until I fell in love. I really wanted to like it, so I kept giving it a try every year or two. Eventually I enjoyed the taste of seaweed and never looked back.

The Stallion took me to Friends for dinner early on in our relationship. During that time I was experiencing an extreme bout of clumsiness, the likes of which I had never encountered. I mean, I don't usually get nervous. I'm not clumsy. But The Stallion did it to me. I think the nerves came from the fact that I knew right off the bat that we were soul mates yet still thought he'd have some kind of choice in the matter. (Obviously those nerves were for naught)

Enter this soy sauce vessel. I had never encountered anything like this before that night. It kind of looks like a teapot, right? Well, I decided to pick it up by the spout? And it's such a small spout, with such a heavy piece attached, that it totally fell out of my hands and the lid fell off and it spilled. All over the wall next to the table. All over the floor under the table. All over the table. We were still so new and not yet comfortable that we finished our dinner amidst the mess. Did we ask the waitress for a towel, a mop, a shamwow? No. We left her with a surprise mess to clean up. Or maybe she knew all along. Regardless, rest assured that I am great at operating the soy sauce at Friends Sushi & Bento Place now. Thankyouverymuch.

Looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking. I mean, even if I was thinking that it was like a teapot, the spout is still the spout. It's missing a handle. I don't think I was thinking. At all. About how to dish up some soy sauce. I might have been unable to focus any brain waves on anything other than The Italian Stallion sitting across the table from me.

Back to how awesome Friends is.

Monday night is sushi night - $1.00 sushi and $3.99 rolls. One of the special rolls they've done in the past that isn't on the menu - Red Dragon Roll - is something we write in almost every time.

Our other favorites are the Friends Roll and Holiday Roll. The first time we'd ever had Crunchy Spicy Salmon was there and now we're infatuated with any roll that has the 'crunchies'.

Bento translates loosely to lunchbox in English. And their bento is one of their specialties. And it's a great lunch deal - only $7 or $8! (I can't remember. It's rare that I go out for lunch anymore.)

In your bento you get salad with choice of dressing (I always get the one with ginger in it - YUM-O),

A cheese wonton (an entire one) and mini egg roll,

2 pieces of sushi (I love sashimi, so I just give my rice to The Stallion),

One roll - Salmon & Avocado pictured here (my other soulmate),

And choice of soup. Their Miso Soup is amazing. I can't eat it anywhere else now because no other Miso Soup stacks up. I'd just be setting myself up for disappointment.

They've also got a VIP Club. You get an awesome card to carry around. Just whip it out when the bill comes around and they'll take off 10%. Very VIP. Not everyone can get one.

Ok, everyone can get one. Even you can be a VIP. Lucky bastard. Tell them carlyklock sent you and you'll get extra special treatment.

Ok, not really. They don't know our names. But go anyway!

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