Rigatoni Ischitana

Simple, simple, simple.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.  Yum, yum, yum.

I love, love, LOVE this dish.  And I think that's all the repeating I'll do in this post.  I wanted to be sure I got my point across.  This pasta dish?  It is so simple.  It is made with all fresh, unadulterated ingredients.  It is so, so tasty - I absolutely LOVE it.

I was inspired last summer to make this dish when I finally had the Penne Ischitana at Bella Napoli.  Now, in my next post I'll be telling you all about Bella Napoli.  But, in the meantime, let me sum this place up for you:

Italian, Italian, Italian.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  Authentic, authentic, authentic.  BEST IN KC.  Love, love, LOVE.

Did I say something about no more repeating?  I didn't think so.  I definitely didn't repeat it, so I'm not accountable for remembering it.

This is a staple summer dish for The Italian Stallion and me.  It is a quintessential Italian dish.  It can be your meal.  Or you can try really hard (and FAIL MISERABLY) to have a small amount and use it as a side dish.  One could even use it as your go-to pasta salad/summer picnic/BBQ/potluck contributory dish.  Prepare to be worshipped.  And when asked 'how on Earth did you do it???' you can respond with, 'Oh, this sophisticated Italian chef has a blog that I follow.  She posts step-by-step photos so it's impossible to mess up.'

And we'll both be laughing on the inside.  Because I'm not that sophisticated.  But mostly because this is so simple, you're only getting a photo of the finished product!  So I guess it is possible to mess up. (good luck!  you're on your own!)  Oh, and maybe because I'm not a chef.  Details, details.

This probably shouldn't even be allowed to be called a recipe.  It's really just an ingredient list.  The rest is up to you!

Rigatoni Ischitana

  • Rigatoni - however much you want/need!  You could also use penne or farfalle - just stick with the short pastas
  • Fresh tomatoes, diced
  • Fresh basil, chopped (MUST be fresh)
  • Fresh mozzarella, diced
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Fresh garlic, minced (optional - I don't always feel like having raw garlic in my pasta)
  • Freshly grated parmesan (optional, but oh so yummy!)
Cook pasta according to directions.  While pasta is going, dice the tomatoes and place in your serving dish.  Sprinkle with salt to get them to macerate a bit.  Then dice the mozzarella.  Pick some leaves of basil from your herb garden, stack them, roll them lengthwise, and chop carefully.

Drain the pasta.  Add all ingredients to the dish of tomatoes.  Toss to combine.

Buono appetito!


  1. Absolutely my fave type of cooking. Simple, fresh, seasonal. DONE! And uh yea, La Cucina Di Mamma is by FAR my most fave Italian in KC!


  2. Bev - you're my kind of girl! We should entertain each other when the boys are abducted by work. ;)

  3. Oh, so you mean every night? I'm IN! Actually, I DO know Aaron's been wanting to get everyone together soon outside of the walls of gatorade and do some grilling and relaxing!


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