Steak Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Gorgonzola, & Rosemary

YOU GUYS.  I'm not gonna lie.  This has been one of my best ideas yet.  This pizza was absolutely phenomenal.  And it's a dinner you can make out of leftovers and kitchen staples.  Well, you can if you're a blue cheese person and have that on hand.

The Stallion and his father went a little meat-crazy for Father's Day.  And I mean crazy.  Here's just how crazy:  there were 5 adults and 3 children (10+, not babies) at our Father's Day feast.  The men smoked 4 racks of ribs and grilled 4 or 5 T-bone steaks plus 6-7 bacon-wrapped filets cut from one huge beef tenderloin.  OH. MY. GOSH.  Such silly men.  Needless to say, I'm sure McGonigle's was happy they stopped by.

(Have I told you about McGonigle's?  LOVE.  Best meat in the city, for sure.  And it's locally owned - a great plus!)

But, I must say, having tons of leftovers makes the week a bit easier.  So when I told the Stallion I was thinking of making pizza for dinner one night because we have a lot of tomatoes and mozzarella to use up, he immediately (and not surprisingly) said, 'Pizza sounds good...Steak pizza.'  I could just imagine him starting to salivate at the thought of having meat on his pizza for dinner.

That didn't really sound very appetizing to me - meat and cheese?  Where's the flavor?  So, I responded with '...and caramelized onions and gorgonzola.'

What did the Stallion have to say to that?  'Holy shit.  Sounds delicious.'

I was thinking the same thing.  Where did that delicious idea come from???

I can use quotations here because I actually went back through our IM transcript and am sharing this conversation word-for-word.  So there.

Bonus if you can spot the dog hair.  Gross?  Yes.  A fact of our lives?  Yes.  Am I dying?  No.  It's just making me stronger!

I caramelized the onions when I got home because that takes a little bit of time and the Stallion was going to get home a bit after me.

We also picked the hottest week of the year to start running again after work.  So smart!

Poor thing.  He came home to the most wonderful smell in the world.  But no dinner.  We had to go run, first.  Muahahhahah.

Hey - it sucked for me, too!

But when we were done, we came home and got to eat this:

The Stallion was hestitant when I told him I was going to finish it with rosemary.  'Just a little bit,' he said.  Thankfully, his trust in me was restored.  The rosemary totally completed the dish, and he could not have been happier.  He's still raving about this meal.

Probably because I didn't make him eat a salad.

Look at what we've got going on here - the top was so good, you didn't even notice the refrigerated pizza dough that I had totally screwed up!

Steak Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Gorgonzola & Rosemary
  • Pizza crust
  • 1 10 oz.-ish steak, cooked, grilled, broiled
  • 1 onion
  • Gorgonzola 
  • Fresh rosemary
Caramelize the onions first.  Slice the onion to the desired thickness.  I go a bit thick because these will cook down a lot.  I also used shallots as well this time because i had one that was about to sprout in my fruit bowl.

Heat a pan to medium heat and add about a tablespoon of olive oil or whatever you have.  Add the onions.  You'll cook this for about 10 minutes or so - until they are very dark.  Stir the pan about every minute - too often and the onions won't brown, too sparse and they will burn.  Add a little salt and sugar - the sugar will advance the caramelization process.  When the onions were about done, I added a heavy splash of red wine to deglaze the pan and deepen the flavor.

Slice up your leftover steak.  The Stallion did a great job on this - the pieces weren't very long, so you didn't have to worry about trying to bite through a piece of steak in order to take a bite of your piece of pizza.  Slice some fresh mozzarella - enough to cover your pizza crust.  I try to avoid using too much mozz  - about a 1 inch spacing is good.

I pre-baked the crust for about 6-8 minutes so the crust would be able to stand up to the heavy toppings.  Pull it out of the oven, then layer on the toppings:  mozzarella, steak, onions, Gorgonzola.  Bake until the crust is golden and the cheese is hot and bubbly.  Finish with some fresh rosemary!

When you make this, please call me so I can come over.  kthxbai.


  1. This looks and sounds so yummy!!!

  2. Oh my goodness - we haven't stopped dreaming about this pizza!

    (A year's not too late to respond to a comment, right? Can't believe this slipped by!)

  3. I make the pizza crust. if you have a Kitchen Aid mixer it's about as easy as buying one. A packet of yeast in 1 cup lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Add 2 cups flour and a teaspoon of salt. Mix with dough hook and a little bit of flour at a time until you are happy with the dough. Let it rise for 3 hours (so plan ahead). I also did the the steak and the pizza on the outdoor gas grill. I season the steak with salt, pepper, granulated garlic powder, hot pepper flakes and some olive oil. I throw all three burners on high and toss my trusty cast iron skillet on the grill. Let it get scorching hot. Throw the steak in. a 3/4 inch thick strip steak should go about 2.5 minutes per side. throw it on a plate and tent it with some foil. I then put two bricks on my grill grates and place my pizza stone on those. that gives a little space from the flames to the stone. let the stone heat for 15 mins at least while you prepare the pizza. I hand shape the dough with some flour and the place it on parchment paper and scoope it on my pizza peel before putting on the toppings, the grill oven will be hot enough that 10 mins will likely bake your pie. I rotate it at 5 mins as the back of the grill tends to get hotter.

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