Wedding Color Palette

After 8 months of engagement, we're finally ready to start kicking some ass on the wedding planning front.  After going round and round, we've finally settled on a color palette.  A color palette with the potential to grow legs, of course.

Too much committment is a bad thing.  I think.  Maybe.

Here's some wedding inspiration boards done by people other than me I found floating around the web.

If you haven't figured it out, we're going with orange and grey.  But the feel will be a bit more modern than what this inspiration board evokes.

We're counting on bright white to help carry that through.

The Stallion designed our invitations last night.  I love them.  After much back-and-forth, we finally conceeded and decided to take the time to design and print ourselves.  When you're marrying a graphic designer, these things must look good - and unique.  And when you have to marry that with the fact that this item isn't high on the priority list for budgeting, there isn't much out there.  Unfortunately.

The Stallion will also be designing and building our website.  Imagine that.  

This board above is 'Tangerine Dream' and, although it doesn't include any grey, it caught my eye because I imagine our tables looking something like the one in the top row.

Flowers, flowers, flowers.  I don't even know what to do with those.  There's so many choices.

The word raunculous makes me giggle every time, though.

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  1. love this! and perfect for june!

  2. Would you be able to tell me where the first set of pics came from? I am in love with those fabric swatches and want to know who they are made by. Thanks!

  3. Sorry, Samantha - I can't seem to find it online anymore! I'll post a link if I'm ever able to locate it again.

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