I found it!

I won't tell you anything else other than the fact that I found it. (No, that is not it in the picture above.)

I knew it the second I looked in the mirror.

It is perfect.

It is gorgeous.

I love looking at it.

I can't wait to wear it on our wedding day.

I was with  my mother and The Stallion's mother.  At the same exact moment, we all thought about The Stallion and the fact that he most certainly will cry when he sees me.

I can't tell you much about it.  That's illegal.  It's modern vintage, that's all I will say.  A combo of a little bit from each gown I shared with you last week.

I got it from Bridal Extraordinaire in Shawnee (ask for Megan if you go - she was phenomenal).  They had a great process that led to me trying on my perfect dress right off the bat.

Done and done!  (It helped that I had also tried on all the wrong dresses at a different bridal salon.)

Now I have to guide The Stallion to choosing the  perfect complimentary ensemble.  Where do you get boys clothes for the beach?  Do they even sell that in the winter?  Probably not.

No pressure next spring.  None at all.

P.S.  Don't tell anyone, especially The Stallion, but I stretched my self-imposed budget just a teeny, tiny little bit.  But what can you do when you've got on the perfect gown?

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  1. i was just looking at pics of my dress, and damn i love it. im happy youve found the perfect one!


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