Fall Fashion Faves :: Tory Burch

This was going to be a general round-up of my favorite pieces for fall.

But then I didn't get any farther than Tory Burch.

So, this post is all Tory Burch, all the time.

I love Tory's work.  Isn't she gorgeous, too?

These boots are my current OB.SES.SION.:

I love the billowing sleeves and print on this dress, and the simplicity and textures of the other.

Someday I'll own a rocker chick leather jacket.

Somehow this layering just works for me.

I love this little mini cross-body that features a big trend for fall: tweed.

And these drivers?  Luscious.

Tory's known for her bow blouse.  She features a video on her blog that shows you  how to tie it 3 different ways

While I don't own a pair of TB flats (YET), I've heard from many that they're a great investment.  And these?  Like buttah.
You can find all of these items linked on my 'My Style' pinboard on pinterest.  Plus, lots of other fashion gems.


  1. Those boots are just fabulous!

  2. I want those flats!!! If they are in investment they are a great idea!! I always need comfortable flats! ----too cute!


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