Fall Fashion Faves :: Tory Burch

This was going to be a general round-up of my favorite pieces for fall.

But then I didn't get any farther than Tory Burch.

So, this post is all Tory Burch, all the time.

I love Tory's work.  Isn't she gorgeous, too?

These boots are my current OB.SES.SION.:

I love the billowing sleeves and print on this dress, and the simplicity and textures of the other.

Someday I'll own a rocker chick leather jacket.

Somehow this layering just works for me.

I love this little mini cross-body that features a big trend for fall: tweed.

And these drivers?  Luscious.

Tory's known for her bow blouse.  She features a video on her blog that shows you  how to tie it 3 different ways

While I don't own a pair of TB flats (YET), I've heard from many that they're a great investment.  And these?  Like buttah.
You can find all of these items linked on my 'My Style' pinboard on pinterest.  Plus, lots of other fashion gems.


  1. I want those flats!!! If they are in investment they are a great idea!! I always need comfortable flats! ----too cute!


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