Our Weekend

On Saturday, I made these scones for the premiere of The Pioneer Woman's Food Network show.

My kitchen helper was by my side the entire time:

Bev and Cassie came over and watched P-Dub with me.

bev's photo!
I always am taken aback by the amount of hair I have when I see photos of myself.  I mean, I know I have a lot of hair, but that much?

Sunday morning we ran the Head for the Cure 5K.  Here we are with a bunch of our neighbors.  L4L!

(Laners for Life).


My time: 25:51
The Stallion's time: 25:58

I actually innocently switched our tracking chips when I was pulling everything out in the morning, not thinking that they had been assigned to us.

The Stallion turned it on in the last few meters to ensure he beat me so he wouldn't have to deal with all the crap I'd give him along with all the crap his team at work would give him.

Yet officially, I beat him.

But really, I didn't.

I find it HILARIOUS.

Naturally, he does, too.

That's right.  Deck staining.

Gettin' those pesky twigs out from in between the boards.

 Before, all fresh and clean and ready for some STAIN.

 Our stain color of choice?  Teak.

Instant teak deck!  Awesome.

Spencer, bless him, came over to help.  Even after a long Saturday and an even longer Saturday night.  His fiancée, Alison, stayed in bed, though.

That betch.

Doesn't deck staining look like such a great recreational activity?

(FYI - it is NOT.  Although it is immensely gratifying.)

 All done!

Don't you just love our new teak deck?

And finally - these two got to get out and stretch their legs:
Yikes, Cooper.


  1. That looks like my kind of brunch party!

  2. the deck looks awesome!!!

  3. thanks, celeste! yay for weekends spent meticulously updating the outsides of our houses. ;)

  4. for sure! can you come take some pretty pictures of my house and make it look as fun, glamorous, and impressive as your before/after style? and maybe make me some food while you're at it? :) PS, how ARE you taking such great pictures? did your camera's boo-boos get fixed already?

    And lastly, yes, you have a lot of hair.

  5. I have AWESOME neighbors that let me borrow their DSLR. phew

  6. Oh your deck looks fab! And great job on the race :)


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