The Goods


[deep breath]

Welp, there I am in all my glory.  The before and after shots that portray the progress I made during Fusion Fitness' 12-week bootcamp.

And, while I'm in a sharing mood, head on over to my bud Laura's blog, Prana and Pie, to read her post about moi: 20 things you guys don't know about me.

20 things is a lot, people.  I had to dig deep.

Don't blame me for the randomness that encompasses Russian Teacakes, pajamas (or lack thereof), web analytics, The Pioneer Woman, and loving the smell of horse shit, among other things.


  1. You look SO great! Even you hair is totes pimpin'.

  2. Love! You look great! (not that you didn't before too!)

    Let's see if this comment thing works for me...

  3. It worked, it really worked! Thanks, C!

  4. You are one hot momma! And now I'm wishing I kept my hair long!


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