lorelei // TWO months!

fav "mom's one line a day" excerpts from Lorelei's 2nd month:

november 8:  Lorelei started smiling at me today.  BEST. DAY. EVER.
november 12:  Daddy's been teaching L to smack her lips - she's such a quick learner!
november 26:  Lorelei and I made our first batch of cookies together today. My left arm is tired from holding her & it was a little messy doing it all one-handed!

LBell @ two months:
  • 10.0 lbs, 22 inches at my 2-month checkup.
  • Still in newborn clothes!
  • Found my fingers!  Love snacking on them.
  • Starting to 'talk', especially in the mornings just after I wake up.
  • Love to keep mom & dad guessing - 'routine' is not in my vocabulary!
  • We go out a lot more than you'd think, especially since I love to sleep in my carseat.
  • I love lights!

mama @ two months:
  • Started back at work half-time, mostly from home. We had such an easy go of it, I was itching to get back into the game. (Original plan was a full 12 weeks, then returning full-time.)
  • Getting better at my water intake. The trick for me is to always have a water bottle handy.
  • Just can't believe how much I love this little one. Everyone says it, but you just can't imagine until it happens to you.
  • I pass judgment less and less. Again, you just don't know until you become a parent.
  • Why don't I have my pre-baby body back already?!? (Yes, I know this is irrational.)
  • At about 6 weeks I was ready to be pregnant again. That has since passed. But it still lingers. That should tell you a lot about how laid back and easy-going Lorelei is.
  • I can't wait to see this girl grow and her personality develop.
  • Stop growing so fast!  Where did my newborn go?

See more of our daily shenanigans on my instagram feed!


  1. This is so sweet :)

    I loved hearing what an easy-going relaxed baby she is! It soothes my mind about having one some day!

    Sending lots of love to your little growing family xoxo

  2. So adorable! It seems like yesterday my twins were 2 months, now they are 2 1/2! Enjoy these moments! :)

  3. I just saw this. Baby is so cute. So she is 6 yrs old now?time flies


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