how blogging has changed my life

1. I started taking pictures again. Prior to my first post - which was about me and the pictures already existed, so that doesn't count; next was Betsy's wedding and I didn't take any of those pictures, so that doesn't count; and next was when I was having issues uploading pictures, so that doesn't count...

So (correction), prior to my 'Christmas on The Lane' post, the last pictures I had taken were from the Stallion's birthday party last January. Despicable. (Note for you thinkers out there: the Stallion's birthday is coming up.)

2. Cooking is not as fun now. Well, it still is. But I get excited to make something, and then I think to myself 'aw, shit. I have to take pictures of this.' Which really isn't that big of a deal, and I obviously enjoy doing it, or I wouldn't do it. It's kinda like taking the dogs for a walk. You totally dread it and don't feel like doing it up to the very second you cross the threshold of your front door, but once you're doing it, you love it. And when you get back you feel great and your pups are so unbelievably happy (you're the pups in this scenario).

3. My perspective on life is completely different. Now I come at everything from the angle 'Is this blog-worthy?' And then I realize I should be taking pictures. It's really caused me to become much more present and appreciative of life, of my life, of this journey. I find myself thinking about my experiences and the best way to voice them to you all, and to my 10-years-older self.

4 . Readers are picking up what I'm putting down. Three people, that I know of, made my chili yesterday. How unbelievably amazingly cool is that? And I love that they actually told me. Hopefully it lives up to their expectations. I've been hearing good things so far.

5. You have no idea how awesome it was going through the holiday season, recently engaged, only having to tell the proposal story maybe 3 times. Um, AWE-SOME.

6. Sometimes I find myself referring to ____ as the Stallion in real life. Oops.

7. I'm embracing my transparency and candor. There's probably some readers here that I'd rather not be sharing this stuff with if we were in a one-on-one situation. But I'm totally fine with sharing with strangers. And now I'm sharing with everyone. And I like the connection it creates - you never know what kind of bite you're going to get from someone who shares the same thing with you. There's so much that we can learn from one another.

8. It's suprisingly hard work (doesn't hurt that I'm kinda lazy), but I'm loving it!


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