lorelei // ONE month!

fav "mom's one line a day" excerpts:

october 10:  headed home from the hospital already!  full glass of prosecco and sushi for me to celebrate!
october 31:  dj lo-lei hit the streets with all the other laners - blaring techno music!  our costume kicked a$$ and we set one heck of a precedent for future halloweens.

LBell @ one month:

  • started her sleeping in her crib after one night in bed with us
  • winds up in our bed after her last early morning feeding
  • loves her swing
  • could take or leave the paci
  • farts like it's her business and seems to have great comic timing
  • dressed up as a dj for halloween
  • bathing by candlelight in our kitchen sink has become a nightly ritual
  • clocked her first stint of 7 hours sleep
  • first smile at the tail end of this month - best. moment. ever.

mama @ one month:

  • finally enjoying b-feeding and not wincing every time
  • feeling 100%
  • craving sweets like crazy - must. have. cookies.
  • target with starbucks is my new favorite
  • having a hard time keeping my water intake up
  • getting out of the house often
  • first night out with dad for our best friends' wedding reception (we missed the wedding in NC as it was a few days after L was born - i cried that night as the pictures started rolling in via instagram)
  • i also cried at their wedding reception here - i feel so different.  i'm a mom.  it really hit me as we walked up the stairs to the loud, bustling party.  i was overwhelmed.  plus, i was wearing a dumb dress from 5 years ago because that was the only one that fit me.
  • thinking of my return to work and wondering how i'm going to do it all


  1. These pictures are adorable! Also just wanted to let you know that I featured your Eggnog Macarons on my blog because they are amazing! http://www.at-altitude.com/35-amazing-eggnog-recipes-for-the-holidays/#. Happy Holidays!!

  2. Ok well i just thought i would say my daughters name is Lorilei and she is the only girl I knew with that name. Your daughter is beautiful.

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