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The Italian Stallion's colleague, Betsy, got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving in St. Louis. (I know, I know - how on earth could you not eat your weight on Thanksgiving, even knowing that you have to fit into your wedding gown two days later??? I'll have to ask her when she returns from her honeymoon - the reception didn't really seem like the proper venue for such a question.)

That's Betsy & Zack. Aren't they beautiful? That picture was taken on the Country Club Plaza here in Kansas City, and exemplifies the fact that this city is deemed 'The City of Fountains'. Did you know that? Well, now you do! And, while we're at it - did you know that Missouri is bordered by 8 states? Eight! Name them all. Now. Extra points if you don't have to google. Man, I am teaching you all so much! (And in return I don't want to hear any 'Misery' jokes. You know, because you could pronounce 'Missouri' as 'Misery'. As in, carlyklock lives in Misery!) But that wouldn't work because I don't live in Misery, I just work there. ha! I live in Kansas. (Remember the whole border thing? Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS? Well, I don't live in KCK - that's a bad neck of the woods. I digress. We were talking about meeting them in Saint Louis... Saint Louis is all in Misery, FYI.)

What a gorgeous wedding Betsy & Zack had. Zack's Greek, and it was a Greek Orthodox ceremony. Very different from any ceremony I've ever experienced. And Betsy said she cut down a bunch in order to shorten the ceremony. Crazy, seeing as how the ceremony was still an hour long.

The reception was held at the same hotel we were all staying at (where we received a delectable gift bag upon check-in filled with unique STL treats, including some good ol' Budweiser. Thanks, Betsy!). Wonderfully convenient! No driving. Just an elevator ride to your big, comfy bed. First was the cocktail reception in the foyer to this stunning ballroom. (disclaimer: this is the hotel's shot. I'm working on the whole documenting my life more so that you can all experience it, too. That, and I'm really in need of a digital SLR camera. I mean serious need. My point and shoot just doesn't allow me to take good pics. The ballroom was much darker and sparkly when Betsy put her stamp on it.)

Here we are out at the cocktail reception, enjoying passed h'ors doeuvres and cocktails. The signature cocktail was the 'Tiger Paw'. I can't remember what was in it, but YUM. Betsy and Zack both went to MU, so it was fitting. I will say that all the pics below are thanks to Ashley.

The Stallion thought the angle of this photo made him look much too bulky and strong, so I cropped out some extra arm/shoulder so he looked proportionate. As for me, nothing like fitting into a strapless dress 2 days after Thanksgiving! (notice I also cropped out a portion of my arm...)

I love cropping. You can do so much to a photo with proper framing. (not that this crop job makes it a better photo, per se, it just makes us look better!)

As this was a Greek shindig, there was Ouzo on-hand at the bar. You're supposed to shoot it. It was not so yum. As a matter of fact, Molly decided it should be Ew-zo (she's a copywriter after all - wordsmithing is her game). But, when in Rome...

As Betsy is now officially Greek, she grew a mustache. Almost immediately. There was nothing she could do but embrace it. Except the next morning on our way out of the hotel, I saw a strangely similar mustache stuck to a sign in the elevator lobby...

After we were kicked out of the ballroom at 1 and the band was no longer playing awesome 80's throwback dancing tunes, we had an old school hotel room party. The stallion decided to fill the void where the mini fridge should have been. I should also note that he does not recall this picture being taken at all, nor climbing into the cabinet in the first place. Weird. He does look pretty cute in there, though, doesn't he? Those stinkin' dimples are just too much sometimes. It's a real asset for him, that's for sure.

I did not take a single picture in this post. That's a real shame. That's why this Christmas all I'm asking for is a B&H Giftcard, so I can make my digital SLR camera dreams a reality. That way, loved ones can give just a little bit and contribute to a really awesome present! This Nikon D3000 is currently $150 off the ticket price. But that ends 12/12. How sad for me.

And this one (the D5000 - it's better, but we'll see if I can wind up affording it) is $200 off the suggested retail price. But, again, only until 12/12. Here's hoping for post-Christmas specials! Bet you all can't wait until the New Year and all the fabulous pictures you'll be able to view on here!

Happy Monday!

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