Merry Christmas!

We had a very white Christmas this year! I think it's the most snow on Christmas since 1918 or something crazy like that. We went out to my parents house on Christmas Day. As fate would have it, that was our only destination that day!

Side note: the stocking hat I'm wearing above is one I bought in high school with my dear friend Allison. We both bought cute hats and were going to use them as our 'calling card' of sorts at social functions. I wonder if that's how everyone from HS remembers us. Most likely, not.

They have a nice chunk of land in a suburb of KC. It's been in our family for over a hundred years. The victorian farmhouse was built in 1892. When we woke up on Christmas morning it occurred to me - we could go sledding! I was lucky growing up - tons of sledding hills in my own 'backyard'. Instead of traveling to a park and trying to make due with some sorry excuse for a hill. Like (ahem) the Stallion always had.

We were excited to take the dogs - we knew they'd wear themselves out trying to chase after us in our sleds. Too bad the snow was a bit deep and too soft on the back hill to really get any kind of speed.

At first they were content to just run around, until they realized we were going to play.

At first they attacked, but then the Stallion harnessed their energy and prowess. And they helped propel him down the hill.

And then we all just rolled around at the bottom of the hill because we were too lazy to walk back up for such a low-speed reward.

Oh my goodness me. Jade is so gorgeous. And she's all mine. Well, ours. You know.
When we were all worn out, we went back inside to help with dinner. And by help I mean I took a nap and the Stallion played video games with my brother. Thanks, Mom!

Ah, warm and cozy.

Spinach and beet salad with a yummy dressing.

Asparagus with orange hollandaise sauce. (I made the sauce - my first time! Totally ready to make eggs benedict - my fav)

My mom's sister sent us this salmon en croute from Williams Sonoma. It was the star of the night. And it's shaped like a fish. Weird.

And...lamb. Oh my. With garlic and rosemary. Marinated with beer to keep it moist. And, oh did it work.

We also had wild rice. Not pictured.

And for dessert? Gingerbread cake with a warm caramel sauce. I made the sauce. I was the resident saucier this Christmas. Yeah, that's right.

On another note, it was so great to have some time already planned with our families so soon after our engagement. We loved being able to celebrate while it was still new with all of them.

And I have so many candidates for flower girl already. Let the campaigning begin!

Happy Holidays!

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