Sugar Plums

This post should really be entitled 'Baby Fever', but I thought that would be a bit too dramatic. Especially for my family and especially when you consider that the Italian Stallion and I are not yet even engaged.

Disclaimer: This post is coming 100% from the emotional side of me. We are not planning on having children any time in the near future (says my rational side). So don't get your insides in a tizzy. Just let me vent about my raging hormones and I'll be done with it. okthanks.

So, why do I have baby fever? A lot of reasons, probably. But namely because people like Meredith (you'll see) throw adorable kids in my face and, well, let's see....[counting in head] least 15 of our close friends are expecting or just had a baby. A sweet, precious, adorable baby.

And why Sugar Plums? Because these adorable pictures below were taken by my dear friend Meredith, photographer extraordinaire, and posted on her blog. In a post entitled 'Sugar Plums'.

See why? And see why they've gotten my hormones raging? Oh holy love of all things miniature and adorable and oh so lovely.

I hope I can't get into trouble for this. I'm not for certain of the publishing laws here on the interwebs. But I'm just a random woman with no ill intentions. Please forsake me.

Oh, the smiles. The happy eyes. The adorable faces. The tiny...everythings.

Somebody finally got their boy! The littlest girl's super cheese face is melting my face off. What an adorable family. Family. Can you imagine how best of friends they all will be for their whole lives (despite all the petty fights)? The Italian Stallion was hoping last Christmas when he gave me Jade & Cooper it would satisfy my desire/want/need/craving/yearning/longing/wish. Whelp, I got news for ya baby - it's all worn off. And I don't want any more dogs.

Oh, look! One of them's named Carly! Coincidence? I think not. And did I mention that I dreamt all night last night about us having and child and the subsequent first few weeks? Weird.

My hormones are on the back burner now, just simmering. Thanks! (be back tomorrow)

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