You Know You're a Cook-aholic When...

... you want to throw a SuperBowl party just to try out fun appetizer recipes and feed a bunch of hungry people.

Also, call for recipe: I have never made that cheesy potato casserole thingy with the corn flakes on top. Never in my life. I have no idea what's in it, besides the fact that every ingredient must be sinful. Please send it my way if you have a good one. Maybe I can adjust the amounts and sub ingredients to achieve a good balance of health and taste???

Why am I thinking about this? Well, today is the Stallion's birthday. For his birthday dinner I'm making this:

Diver sea scallops with a caviar sauce over potato pancakes. The Stallion loves sea scallops. (Side note: I got my scallops from McGonigle's this time, and OMW they are 3x the size of the ones in this pic and half the price of Cosentino's. Maybe I'll start making them more often!) The reason I bring up cheesy potato casserole is because the Stallion also loves that, and I will likely never make it unless there is an occasion. An occasion that causes it to leave my house to be eaten. But I could have made a mini casserole for his birthday instead. He probably would have loved that as his cake more than these:

His 'birthday cake' this year is slider cupcakes. I LOVE THEM! They'd be great for a kids' birthday. ...Or The Stallion's birthday. I sent them to work with The Stallion today, too. Just like a little kid. They're SO easy. I bet you could figure out how to make them just from the picture. Anyway, point is - I'll make scallops throughout the year; not as often as The Stallion would like, but I'd still make them. Cheesy potato casserole? That falls under the baking mantra, which I suppose I should now label the Sinful Comfort Food Mantra (make it and take it; make it and TAKE IT AWAY).

Regardless, The Stallion would be happy with whatever I made him. I'm sure. I jokingly told him last night that the broccoli was going to turn any minute, so I should probably make that for dinner tonight instead of asparagus. He said okay. He hates broccoli. Unless it is cooked into oblivion and drenched in cheese. I love broccoli. I love broccoli in it's natural state, just barely steamed. He probably said okay because this is what I got him for this birthday:

The 'most awesome grill in the world'. Half charcoal, half propane. A bit more stallion-like than the slider cupcakes, eh?

Happy Birthday, Love!


  1. Happy Birthday to your fiance!

    Thanks for the compliment. I loved that pic too. I have several from that day that I love. The light must of been great or something. I will put up more today or tomorrow.

    I ended up getting the Nikon D40.

    And a 35mm fixed focal lens

    I love it, and I don't need to do anything too fancy, so it is perfect.

  2. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours


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