We're Getting Married!

We've decided.  It's done.  We're committed.

June 10, 2011.

Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Family and close friends.

It's all going to take place this all-inclusive resort:

I want to go there right now.

I could lay by this pool for the rest of my life.

It would get pretty hot, so I'd take a dip to go get something refreshing.

And when the chairs got boring?  I'd go lay in bed.  On the beach.

This is where I'd spend the least amount of my time.  But I'm sure this heavenly bed will provide a perfect night's sleep.

I love that all of the rooms have this octoganal setup.  You don't have to pay extra for an exquisite room!

...but they sure will take your money for this walk-out oceanfront room with private plunge pool.

They probably accept extra money for this room, too.  Nothing like the view from that hot tub in the corner.

This is where we'll be married.  On the beach - but no sand!

Here's where we'll bask in the sun as man and wife.

And, once we're all good and married, we're heading off to a sister resort:

Adults-only.  Bliss.  (Those two are not mutually exclusive - didn't mean for it to come across that way.)

I think we'll be able to handle spending a week and a half here.


 I'd like to have dinner here tonight.  And every night.

Even The Stallion gets a break at this place.  He just has to float me home.  Not actually carry me.

I love the richness of the room decor.

The view is amazing.  The room - airy and bright.

Um, hello spa.  We are going to be best friends.  Don't worry - you'll love me.

As we solidify more of our plans - I'll be sure to share.  But you won't see pics of 'the dress'.  That's going to be a surprise for The Stallion.

Still trying to find the perfect reception venue - going to think outside of the box on this one.


  1. yay! a decision! congrats - it looks awesome!

  2. aww you're getting married on Aaron's birthday haha! this place looks incredible, lucky!

  3. Love Love Love it! Can't wait for more details!!


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