My Support System

This is sweet, darling, innocent, loving Cooper.  Have you met him?  He was hit by a car when he was a year old.  This little turkey snuck through a gap in the fence one night and we heard him scream from the deck.  It sounded like quite the incident and the Italian Stallion and I were at first relieved that it wasn't one of our dogs, then panic set in as we realized Cooper was nowhere to be found.

Obviously, Cooper survived and healed beautifully.  The car accident occurred mere months after his run-in with a rope toy (click link for an adorable puppy picture), so it should be no surprise that we opted to acquire some pet health insurance.

Here's his sister, Jade.  Have you ever seen a more precious little pup?  She is the spunky one of the two and loves 'talking' to people.

Soooooo, have you noticed an 'uptick' in the quality of the photos you're seeing?

I have my support system to thank for that.  This weekend I had my bridal shower and everyone chipped in to get me a fancy, schmancy, new-fangled DSLR camera.  I've been pining for one for what seems like ages now, and I'm unbelievably grateful that I finally have one.

I felt so loved on Saturday as family and friends came to celebrate and honor the love that I have found with The Stallion.  It was a day filled with laughter, tears, wisdom, Prosecco, and fabulous food.

My support system stretches far and wide and I'm so thankful to have sweet pups to come home to, a partner that loves me unconditionally, a family (both existing and to-be) that's unbelievably supportive yet not overbearing, and great friends that celebrate the good times and get me through the tough times.

I love them all so much that it's worth dealing with any baggage they may come with.

Or hair.

(Just keepin' it real.)

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  1. Wonderful! I love that you're doing this. We put together a necessity care package and gave it to a friend who is headed to his family in Joplin.

    Again, love that you're doing this.


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