Our Wedding

I'm so excited to share some wedding pictures with all of you.  I couldn't be happier with the end result - our photographer, Jan Simonelli of Photomementos (who also did our engagement photos), captured the day and all of its emotions impeccably.  We had such an amazing time, and I will treasure these memories forever.

Bringing a photographer with us to the Dominican Republic was one of our biggest expenses, but also one of our biggest priorities.  I think you'll see why.

 Boys vs. girls early on the wedding day.

 One of The Stallion's requirements was that he get some 'bad-ass guy' shots.  Jan and Marco are notoriously great at capturing these.  This is just one of many, you'll see.  It also makes me giggle. 

 Stealing a kiss!

 Our own Corona commercial shot.


 This is one of my favorite shots.  The Stallion needed a pink drink to counteract all the badd-assness.

 Jan gets to use her new underwater camera pouch!

 Not only a master of the camera, Jan's a master of makeup and took care of that for me, too!

 The watch I'm wearing was my Great Grandmother Klock's.  My aunt brought it with her all the way from Connecticut.  And the lace around my bouquet?  That's duchess lace that has been carried by many generations of women in our family on their wedding day.  I think the list of bearers that accompanied it went up to 5 or 6!

 That's my brother over there.  aka Captain Jack Sparrow.

 I can tell you with certainty that he's not looking into a mirror.

 Mom getting me all zipped up!

 Good Lord, I love the femininity of this shot.

 It's starting!!

 Moments before this, as I took the first full look at my groom, I whispered to my father, 'Oh Dad, he looks so handsome.'  My dad's an emotional guy, and this just caused another wave to wash over him.  I could feel the reverberations in his arm.

 Emotional men.  In seersucker suits!  My father married my mother in this suit.

 I love the desertion of the landscape shot (who knows if this took some photoshop skillz or not).  It's just us.  Dwarfed by the beauty of this Earth.  And the candid shot?  LOVE.

 Here. It. Comes...

 This was actually kiss 1 of 3.  More on that later.

 The elation at this moment.  I just wanted to jump out of my skin.

 Yes, please!

 We are so blessed.

 Look at those gorgeous baby blues.

 This man really loves me.

 Mr. and Mrs.!

Please give me food!  It was exquisite.



 It's amazing how we managed to find seclusion in the middle of a resort.

 Sweaty.  And loving every minute of it.

 Look at that ring!

 There's even chest hair in this one.

There are no words.

I teared up just going through this again.  Thank you for indulging me.

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  1. These are UN.BEL.IEV.ABLE. Absolutely stunning! I love the tint in all the shots. Dewey. Warm. Perfect.

  2. Holy gorgeous. What fantastic pictures!

  3. These pictures are SO GREAT!!!! I love how it really tells a story of the occasion too. Simply lovely!!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  5. Second picture from the bottom... total James Bond!
    Gorgeous pics!


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