New Feature!

 I finally found a simple widget to implement here on the blog to allow you guys to generate printer-friendly versions of my recipes!

Look for this icon at the end of each post - click it and an overlay interface will pop up.  It allows you to delete sections of copy or images, so you don't have to print my ramblings or ink-slurping images if you don't want to.

Happy printing!


  1. I'm sure you could do something way fancier on wordpress, but this guy IS super easy!

  2. Great news. I'm an old friend of Susan's and really enjoy your recipes...and your landscaping ideas. Congrats on the recent wedding.

  3. Well, I didn't really want to be anonymous, but I didn't have another choice that worked.


  4. So sweet, Laura - thank you!

    For future reference, if you select 'Name/URL' from the dropdown, that option will allow you to type in your name without having to tie it to a specific account.


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