Carnitas Tacos.

CHILEQUILES.  Sweeping the nation.  Going to replace french fries.

Special of the day: Lamb Tacos.  

So, here's what you're doing Friday night:

Head down to the Crossroads Art District.  It's First Friday, afterall.  Tour some of the open galleries.  Meet some friends to share a few cocktails and good conversation.  Work up an appetite.  GO TO THE PORT FONDA FOOD TRUCK, which will be parked in the parking lot of the Riegers hotel at 20th & Main.  Service is 7:30pm to 1:30am both nights.

If you're headed to the lake for the holiday weekend, then I suppose this will just have to wait.  If you're able, get yourself out of the office next Thursday for lunch and you'll find Port Fonda under the bridge at 23rd & Washington.   (Note:  Thursday lunch the truck only accepts cash; the bridge blocks their signal.)

Food trucks seem to have become quite the popular novelty food concept over the last few years.  I think one reason food trucks seem to be notoriously good is that the limited space and resources allows/forces the chefs to keep their menu extremely focused, meaning they only offer 3 or 4 of their absolute best dishes.

If it wasn't apparent from my dictation of where to eat this weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Port Fonda and highly recommend it.

They have one table inside the trailer that's available by reservation only, el Comedor; Port Fonda also does special events and private dinners.  How perfect would it be to have Port Fonda just out the door at your wedding reception, ready to provide your guests with the perfect late night nosh?

Make time to get out to Port Fonda - it's awesome!

UPDATE: We made it to el comedor!  Read all about it.

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  1. SO-O glad you made it out there--and LOVED it as much as we did! Phil is trying to reserve El Comedor for sometime in August, so you guys will have to tag along for a night dedicated to this little treasure! ~Carrie

  2. I'll be trying this soon, thanks for sharing, the photos are awesome!

  3. Great pictures! Is that an egg on my new "french fries"?

  4. I am so going to try this tonight!

  5. Let us know what you think - I'm certain you'll love it.

  6. Carly! These shots are G-O-GORGEOUS! You have such a knack for the documentary, it makes me feel like i'm there. And I'm not. And wish I was. So yummy. What camera and lens are you shooting with? Sooo sharp! Love.

  7. Cool! We too had a Company Picnics in Miami last month, we enjoyed a lot. We hired a food truck and had the yummiest food for our memories. A get together does a lot of blissful moment. Thanks for sharing and keep smiling


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